Little Oakley

eBook, Set of 12, Set of 6, Softcover
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Little Oakley learns about the circle of life as he grows strong under Papa Oak’s care, transitioning him from being cared for to being the caregiver.





Morning dawned and already word had spread that the seed of promise was to be called Little Oakley.

As Papa Oak watches his last acorn fall to the ground, he is filled with mixed emotion; a sense of sadness mingled with joy and anticipation for the new life that is to come. He is honored to nurture Little Oakley’s growth through song, and be his strength during life’s hard lessons. As time passes, the tables turn, and Little Oakley is the one who supports Papa as gusts from Wise Old Puff cause his aging limbs to quiver. Sadness is once again eclipsed by joy as another acorn falls, this time from Little Oakley, and the two are able to watch a new generation begin again.

Reminiscent of the beloved classic, Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, this book illustrates the circle of life through beautiful imagery that is greatly enhanced by gorgeous artwork and is a gift for all ages.


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eBook, Set of 12, Set of 6, Softcover

10 reviews for Little Oakley

  1. Kelly M

    What an amazing and inspiring story !

  2. Sandy Miller (verified owner)

    What an amazing and inspiring story! Our Grandkids will love this ❤️

  3. Ann Council (verified owner)

    Little Oakley is a wonderfully inspired children’s book. This book explains the pain and the wonders of growth, how Papa Oak and the forest friends play a major part in Little Oakley’s journey through life.

  4. Anne S

    What a precious book that teaches kids about loving and caring relationships from a father and friends!

  5. Fred Skeens

    I love this book it’s a great way for parents to bond with there children and many learning adventures with them about Nature physical and mental training but most importantly Spiritual growth!!!

  6. Sunny

    This inspirational and beautifully illustrated book tells of life lessons for children through a mighty oak and It’s little acorn. I highly recommend this book; it makes a great gift.

  7. Rachel

    I love Little Oakley! It’s a perfect book for both father and son to enjoy together. A great Father’s Day gift. The illustrations captured the attention of my young son who has a heart for all animals. He will grow up with this heartwarming story as a beautiful message of love.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is such a sweet and special story. It would make a great Christmas gift !!

  9. Anonymous

    This is such a sweet and special story. It would make a great Christmas gift !!

  10. Cathy

    Full of rich vocabulary and endearing characters. As a teacher, there are many literary skills that can be taught with this book. As a mom and grandma, there are many relationship concepts that can be shared with loved ones! Beautiful story…beautiful illustrations!

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