Small Steps to Understanding a Big Gospel

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Small Steps to Understanding a Big Gospel lays the salvation message out in clear and simple chart form, with each part supported by Scripture, to give you a tool you can use either for your own study or for sharing with small groups or individuals.



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Serving the Lord and sharing His gospel message is rewarding. It can be fun and joyful. New friendships form and old ones grow deeper. But it can also be a little confusing.

Monty Hobbs used to be baffled when people told him that they were Christians but could not explain the gospel. In time, however, he learned that the confusion was not about Jesus dying on the cross and receiving the punishment we all deserve. It was not about the fact that He paid for our sins. It was more about the process by which that salvation got to the sinner and how it then changed the way that person lived his or her life after salvation took place.

Saying you want to change is one thing, but what are the “parts” of salvation? Let’s back that up. Did you know that salvation has parts?

Small Steps to Understanding a Big Gospel will take you through the scriptures and lay out the process of salvation in the form of a simple chart so anyone who wants to see the “parts” will grasp the manner in which a sinner can be transformed into the person that they were created to be.

Whether you are a new believer, a seasoned Christian wanting to dive deeper into the Gospel, or someone on the fence about this whole Christianity thing, this little book will take you on a life-changing journey.


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Digital, Softcover


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