“The Four Corners” Novel Study

Digital, Factory Second, Spiralbound
This novel study of The Four Corners is an excellent curriculum companion that will serve to further the understanding and application of the book’s fundamental principles. The unit is adaptable to complement any upper elementary to middle school language arts program but is most appropriate for fifth or sixth grade.




The Four Corners is a brilliantly told, imaginative story about the importance of love and family. Students will delve into this novel using a multifaceted approach of vocabulary examination, graphic organizers for exploring culturally and historically relevant concepts, and developing discussion and debate skills with an assessment component to gauge comprehension.

The unit consists of fourteen lessons that include the reading of two to three chapters in any format chosen by the educator.  Group activities as well as individual assignments are
also included with each lesson. The lessons are each designed to take 45-60 minutes and the whole unit can be implemented in a three to four week time frame.

It is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for fifth and sixth grade. However, all resources included in this package can easily be aligned to Common Core standards for fourth through seventh grades.


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Digital, Factory Second, Spiralbound


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