The Four Corners

eBook, Hardcover, Set of 12, Set of 6, Softcover

The Snyder family wakes up in a completely foreign place, lost and separated from one another, and must fight monsters, harsh weather and everything the demon-ruler of this strange world can throw at them, to find each other and get back home.

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The Snyder family is falling apart. Grant and Jill barely speak and when they do, they’re screaming at one another. Their youngest child, Kinsey, has withdrawn into himself to the point where the only person he really speaks to is his sister, Tatum. She was born with more resilience than her brother and has essentially taken over the duties of both parents where Kinsey is concerned. His greatest fear is that his parents will split up and he’ll be separated from Tatum.

When another shouting match ensues and the word divorce is finally used, Kinsey loses it. He runs into the forest in a total emotional frenzy and vanishes right before Tatum’s eyes. When she and her parents search exhaustively and come up empty, fear, anger and guilt cause another emotional outburst and the rest of the family vanishes as well.

They each wake up alone in separate parts of a strange world called Kadosh. This world is made up of a vast ocean and five islands used to separate men, women, boys and girls by Raum, the ruler of Kadosh, who lives on the island in the center of the other four. Raum is in control of everything but the people in Kadosh. The Snyders band together with other people previously trapped in Kadosh on a thrilling quest to defy Raum and find their families against all odds.

“The Four Corners” is a brilliantly told, imaginative story about the importance of love and family.

* “Reader’s Guide” included inside the book for book clubs and group discussions *


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eBook, Hardcover, Set of 12, Set of 6, Softcover


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