The Gift of Tyler

eBook, Hardcover, Softcover

Tyler Hirsch, unaware that his mom was given a prophecy about him twenty-five years earlier, is an ordinary teenager until he begins to develop into a living miracle.




In 1972, a stranger revealed a prophecy to a teenager named Flower in Seattle, Washington. The mysterious old woman told the girl that she would have a son one day who would be a gift to the world.

Twenty-five years later, the girl, now a forty-three year-old woman who has changed her name to Kathleen, is living in a small Eastern Washington town where she is a single mother to a seventeen year-old boy named Tyler.

Tyler is a pretty normal kid. He has a crazy best friend named Preston and has always had a serious crush on a girl named Jessie. He’s not a star athlete, his grades are pretty average and he puts up with getting pushed around by Jessie’s obnoxious boyfriend, Graham. But, one day, everything changes as he begins to develop abilities he’s only read about in comic books.

As major catastrophes around the world are mysteriously averted by unusual heroes, Kathleen witnesses the fulfillment of the earlier prophecy as she watches Tyler evolve into a living miracle. The Gift of Tyler is a delightful story that will simultaneously make you laugh out loud and pull at your heartstrings. This is the first release in the Gift of the Elements series.



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eBook, Hardcover, Softcover


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