Fruit of the Spirit (K-9 compounding edition)

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This curriculum provides an overview of the fruit of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23 at the Kindergarten level and then continues with an intensive study on each individual fruit, focusing on one fruit each year starting at first grade and building upon that foundation as the students make their way through ninth grade.



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This comprehensive curriculum begins at the Kindergarten level with an overview of Galatians 5:22-23.  It will provide a definition of each fruit of the spirit, an understanding of what those fruits look like in the lives of those pursuing a walk with God, and practical ways each fruit can “grow” in the lives of your students. An important component of the lessons will be the understanding that you cannot grow, learn, or produce the fruit on your own but only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The unit then moves to a compounding model in which each fruit of the spirit is taught independently one year at a time. The intention is to allow the opportunity for students to have a firm grasp on what one fruit means and have learned how to apply it before learning the next one.

Each year will include a refresher of concepts learned the year before and begin construction of the new learning on the foundation that has already been set.

The curriculum for each year consists of the following:

Memory Verse to be learned over the duration of the unit,
Targeted learning objectives for each lesson, 
Primary truths and central Scriptures for each lesson,
A variety of the following activities that will be included in the appropriate grade level curriculum:
  • songs/choral readings/poems
  • suggested literary resources
  • group activities
  • individual responses
  • class discussions
  • scripts for reader’s theaters or stage productions
  • creative culminating activities or projects that help to set the foundation of learning. 
Also included will be home connection materials and opportunities for the learning to extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

A one-week suggested schedule is included for each year but adjustments can be made to fit your individual class timetable.

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Digital, Spiralbound


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