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C. A. Stampley

About the Author:

C. A. Stampley was born in Odessa, TX and put into the foster care system. At a year and a half, God placed him with a family that would give him a second chance at life. He strayed from God for a while struggling with anger and sin that took him down a dark and lonely road, but then found salvation and has since dedicated his life to telling people the truth of the gospel that saved his life. He is now married with four beautiful children. After struggling to find clean books he could read that didn’t negatively affect his walk with God, C. A. Stampley decided to write his own. He now aspires to write clean and fun books for people to enjoy and hopes that they point his readers to Jesus.

C. A. Stampley’s Book:


First Name Acrostic:

Covered by the blood of Jesus

Overwhelmed by God’s grace

Determined to tell people about Jesus

Yearning for the lost to find salvation


Bucket List:

— Seeing the Aurora borealis in Alaska.

— I’d love to visit Japan for like a month. I love the culture and style especially the samurai Era.

Cody is proud and excited to have finished my first novel through God’s guidance.



Reading the Bible



Video games


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Gitti Shilley

About the Author:

Gitti has been teaching her “littles” for 36 years.  She is especially fond of planting the joy of reading into her students. Outside of teaching, she may be found hosting dinners for her extended family and putting on tea parties. She loves the great outdoors and spending time with her husband and their granddaughters.

Gitti’s Book:

First Name Acrostic:

G—Guilty of using her summers teaching kids how to read.

I—Infamous tea party hostess

T—Teacher extraordinaire

T—Tiny but mighty

I—Inquisitive learner


Bucket List:

–See more national parks

–Visit Europe, especially southern Germany into Switzerland and Austria



Gitti is proud of accomplishing 36 years of teaching (as of June, 2024) and still loving it.



Chocolate with nuts


Cozy cabin stays with my husband by rivers or in mountainous areas

Easy picturesque hikes or walks

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M. N. Kollar

Maxine’s Books:

* For more information on her book and/or the accompanying activity packet, click the pics above

About the Author:

Maxine says she is a Christ follower but she is really a Jesus jogger, pursuing Him daily. She lives in the Northeast USA with her loving husband, three truculent children and one very judgey cat. She likes to bake from scratch and organize things. She claims that she’s not much fun but she is an all-around good egg.

First Name Acrostic:

Mother of three

Always chasing Jesus

X-ray my heart, Lord

Immigrant, so I love America

Never giving up

Ending up on a small farm, someday

Travel Bucket List Items:

In the U.S.A. — Yellowstone National Park

Outside the U.S.A. — Vietnam caves

An adventure — “I hate heights so I think zip-lining over a forest canopy would be nice.”

An Accomplishment She’s Proud Of:

After years as a stay-at-home mom, I pivoted my way back into the work force to help pay for my kids’ college tuition. I is a different way of taking care of my children, but I feel proud knowing they won’t be saddled with debt as they start building their futures.

Five Favorites:

Movie – The Princess Bride

Childhood Gift – Being brought to America

Coffee Drink – Anything with a hazelnut creamer

Book – The Wind in the Willows, still

Season – Fall

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Monty Hobbs

Monty’s Book:

* For more information on his book, click the pic above

About the Author:

Monty is a retiree from the United States Army, husband for nearly five decades, father of three, grandpa of nine, and at last count great grandpa of one. He saw the forty-eight contiguous states and southern Canada from behind the windshield of an eighteen-wheeler for over seven and a half years. Monty is a certified lay speaker, deacon, licensed minister and led a men’s group study that centered primarily on discipleship. While his first book, Small Steps to Understand a Big Gospel, did not come to him in a dream, it did prevent him from sleeping one night until he got out of bed and hammered out the introduction to the book. As a recently developing blogger he is excited and enjoying learning and appreciating just what it takes to publish a blog that will interest the public and draw them back to his site on return visits to hear more about our amazing God and His gospel. You can read his blog here:

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Baron D. Hall

Baron’s Book:

* For more information on his book, click the pic above

About the Author:

Baron was born and raised in the limestone capital of the world, Bedford, IN. He loves having fun as an orthodontist and creating social media videos. Baron is a certified rescue diver, self-taught bagpiper (albeit rusty), and he can run faster than a speeding banana slug. He lives with his wife and three kids in Bedford.

First Name Acrostic:

B-oom! I like to have fun and be goofy

A-ccentuate the positive and remember that the glass is always half-full

R-eads every night before bed

O-rthodontist by day


Travel Bucket List Items:

In the U.S.A. — He would like to spend 10 days in Hawaii with only his wife (Sorry, kids. You’ll have a blast with Grammy and Nanny)

Outside the U.S.A. — He has always wanted to visit Australia and scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

An Accomplishment He’s Proud Of:

His proudest accomplishment is being a dad. For the longest time, he was one of those “I’m never having kids” people, but having his own kids has opened his eyes in ways he never thought possible. He’s also very proud to be with the same amazing woman since they were 15/14-years old.

Five Favorites:

Movie – Dumb and Dumber

Food – Homemade ice cream

Drink – Homemade milkshake (yes, it’s a drink)

Childhood pastime – Staying up very late playing video games

Character – He is the self-proclaimed biggest Godzilla fan of Lawrence County, Indiana


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Donna Arlynn Frisinger

Donna’s Book:

* For more information on her book, click the pic above

About the Author:

Donna Frisinger has spent her life teaching, creating, performing, and nurturing children both inside and outside the classroom through own her private fine-arts academy and in directing state and national champion dance teams. Jesus Lovers from the 1970’s, she and her husband live in rural Indiana where they enjoy hiking, spoiling their nephews and nieces, and riding their trusty steads (retro-looking Schwinn bicycles) throughout the lay of the land.

First Name Acrostic:

Dances with God

Oasis of Creativity

Nature Lover

Naughty but Nice

Always ready for New Adventures

Travel Bucket List Items:

In the U.S.A. — The River Walk in San Antonio, Texas; the Rose Bowl Parade

Outside the U.S.A. — Switzerland/Austria

An adventure — Revisiting the Holy Land

An Accomplishment She’s Proud Of:

I organize a community-wide Bible Reading Marathon on Rochester’s Courthouse Lawn which resulted in the traveling performing group my husband I directed being invited to Washington D.C. to perform for the National Day of Prayer Breakfast.

Five Favorites:

Movie – The Greatest Showman

Childhood Gift – A 1960’s reel-to-reel tape recorder so she could record herself singing

Drink – Chai Tea Latte

Book – The Zion Chronicles by Brock and Bodie Thoene

Season – Autumn


Coming soon: 

Bink and Slinky’s Ark Adventure

Bink and Slinky’s Pyramid Adventure

Bink and Slinky’s Christmas Adventure: The Musical

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February Book Recommendations

by Andrea Elston

As a teacher, February was always the most overwhelming month. First of all, it’s the shortest month of the year with the most holidays packed into it! Secondly, at least where I taught, we had a “mid-winter break” in the schedule which made an already abbreviated month one week shorter. Finally, the 100th day of school usually fell at the end of the month as well! And the fact that it is also Black History month created an even more packed itinerary! At any other time of the year, I was searching for bulletin board ideas and supplemental activities to keep my kiddos entertained but come February I was wondering how in the world I was going to fit it all in and which event I was going to feature! Between Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, the 100th day of school, and honoring the men and women who helped shape the future of this great nation, I definitely had my pick! Although time was short to fit everything in, these old standbys always made the cut! If your plate is not already full, I encourage you to try and squeeze in one more item from this menu…Bon Appetit!

Groundhog Day: I always made time to read Punxsutawney Phyllis by Susanna Leonard Hill. This is a girl after my own heart…instead of complaining about a problem, she goes right to the solution and isn’t afraid to bend the rules a bit while she does it! I also told my class about the 1993 movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. Because I taught first grade, the PG rating was a tad too much for that age group, so I just gave them the highlights. We talked about the pros and cons of waking up and reliving one day over and over again, and then I had them choose a day from their past (not hard for a 6-year-old) that they would want to do over and over again. It was so cute to hear their stories that ranged from birthday parties to snow days, to Kindergarten graduations. Depending on the time frame, I’d either leave it at discussion or turn it into a writing project.

Valentine’s Day: I know you have a plethora of choices when it comes to books for this holiday, but please add Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch by the great Eileen Spinelli to your list. Even though this is a picture book, the theme is appropriate for any age and MANY lessons can be drawn from it. And if you can read it while eating a heart-shaped box of chocolates, it just makes it that much better!

Presidents’ Day:  If there is one person from the past I would like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with, it would be Abraham Lincoln. His historical interaction with Grace Bedell strikes a chord with me and I believe will with your children and or students as well. Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers by Karen B. Winnick highlights this relationship in a sweet and accurate way, even picturing a copy of the real letter from the sweet 11-year-old girl. Just like the above book, this literary work lends itself to SO many extension activities…or just serve to be a heartwarming story for bedtime, snacktime, circle-time, or History-time.

100th Day of School: Again, you have a multitude of titles to choose from for this special occasion like 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler, but I always added in Michael Frith’s I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words. Because I taught the littles, I would turn this book into a spelling exercise and have the kiddos write down all 100 words that the narrator taught his dog. If I was teaching older students, I would have them debate what the 100 most important words to teach a dog would be. Plus, it’s illustrated by P.D. Eastman which is always a bonus!

Black History Month: I usually read this book in January when celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but it would also serve to highlight the struggles needed to be overcome for African Americans in the mid-20th century. If you haven’t already, please do not miss the opportunity to read and discuss Goin’ Someplace Special by the amazingly talented and prolific Patricia McKissack. I always get a little choked up when I read the information at the end of the book that describes how Nashville’s public library board of directors quietly voted to desegregate all their facilities in the 1950’s. Being a semi-autobiographical story as well makes this literary work that much more , well…special, and the beautiful illustrations by Jerry Pinkney make it not only good for the soul, but pleasing to the eye as well.